5 Reasons To Plan Your Next Trip To Copenhagen!


You may have read a thousand articles about the beauty of Scandinavia. Copenhagen, however, has a charm that’s unique and very special. The Danish capital has so much to offer that frequent travelers just cannot have enough. In this post, we are sharing 5 reasons why you need to plan a trip to Copenhagen right now.

  • Easy to get around. Copenhagen is a compact city, and did you know that this is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the entire world? If you don’t want to pay for public transport, rent a bike with a GPS-enabled tablet, and you should be good to get around. Walking around is not bad either. The city is in love with the word “Hygge”, which basically translates into a feeling of coziness in Danish.
  • Amazing stay. If you don’t mind paying for your stay, Copenhagen holiday apartments are a great choice. The best ones are located in Østerbro district, and you will find all the facilities away from home. While hotels are always cheap, apartments are great for a private holiday or your honeymoon.
  • Incredible food. Copenhagen has some really popular street markets, where you can try almost every kind of food. Nordic cuisine is the new trend, and it is all about fresh, seasonal produce. You will also find a lot of Michelin Star restaurants in the city. For buying fresh produce, head to Torvehallerne, while to grab the best bites, go to Paper Island.
  • Enjoy the beer. There are many travelers who believe that the Danish capital is the ideal destination for enjoying craft beer in Europe. There are many microbreweries around, and most of them have their own specialties. Also, don’t forget to make time for a tour of Carlsberg brewery.

  • Ideal from the water. Copenhagen is known for its canals and beaches, and from the waterfront area of Nyhavn, you can actually take organized boat tours. Renting a kayak or boat is also fun, and you will love the experience from canals in particular. Enjoy the sunset as you sip the wine!

Of course, Copenhagen is also about museums and palaces, and you will always find something to do at any given time of the day. Make sure that you check for the best deals and discounts for your stay in advance. It’s your trip to Scandinavia, and we promise Copenhagen will make it worth the money spent.

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