Choose To Stay In Luxury When Visiting Vientiane


If you are going to head to Vientiane on holiday, then you may wish to treat yourself to some 5-star luxury and stay at one of the best hotels in the capital city of Laos. The cost of a luxurious hotel in Laos is much cheaper than you may think, so you should be able to stretch to it even on a modest budget. Below are some of the things that you can expect when staying in one of the best hotels the city has to offer.

What Makes A Hotel 5-Star?

Many factors are considered when awarding a hotel the stars that they display, and it is the hotel’s tangible assets and the service provided that go under consideration. The level of customer service is exemplary, ensuring that guests are more than satisfied with their stay. The decor and cleanliness of the hotel, facilities on offer, and the rooms’ comfort level are other factors that are considered. Ultimately, when you stay in 5-star hotels in Vientiane Laos, or anywhere else, you will feel welcome from the moment you arrive, and nothing will be too much trouble for the staff. The facilities will be clean and comfortable, and in full working order as you enjoy the lavish and opulent facilities that are on offer.

The Available Facilities

Each hotel is different, but the services and facilities that they offer are all similar. You can expect a warm and friendly greeting when you arrive at the reception, which will usually have a concierge service as well. The public areas of the hotel will be clean and tidy, and bathrooms cleaned regularly. There is typically free Wi-Fi, and you can expect a beautiful swimming pool and gardens, as well as a well-equipped gym for guests to use. The rooms will be of a decent size with a comfortable mattress, and they are usually well sound-proofed, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Many 5-star hotels and resorts will also have a Spa & Massage service where you can enjoy a relaxing massage in the facilities or treat yourself to a variety of different spa treatments. Most 5-star hotels will also have at least one high-quality restaurant, and they will also offer room service if you prefer to eat in your room.

See The Different For Yourself

The best way to understand what makes a 5-start hotel or resort better is to experience staying at one yourself, where you will see and experience the differences yourself. When you visit Laos, it is an excellent time to try 5-star for the first time, as the cost is much lower than you might expect, especially when compared to your home country. Look at the prices of a 5-star hotel in Vientiane today, and you could make sure that your holiday in Laos, is one of sheer luxury and contentment.

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